Død Ø / Dead Isle

Zombie Survival Adventure Game

Would you survive the Zombie Apocolypse?

Want to find out?

25 Feb 2017



We want you to survive. Our team of Zombie Defence Academy (ZDA) Agents are here to ensure your safety when the Living Dead arise.



Død Ø / Dead Isle is a lightweight, high impact, first contact scenario. Bring your running shoes and survival clothes. Leave your brain bashers at home.



Forget silent hill. Just because it’s the End of the World, doesn’t mean we can’t party like there’s no tomorrow. At our stunning undisclosable harbour location.

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Becoming a Zombie has never been easier

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Our Supporters

Død Ø / Dead Isle is possible thanks to KulturHavn365, ILLUTRON and our Secret Hosts.
Previous Zombie Survival Adventure Games have been supported by Creative Tech Week NYC, Nowhere and Borderlands Festivals, Ponderosa Berlin, Unit 61 London and Penticton Museum


Where is it?

Waterfront location, 15min by bike or car from Christianshavn Metro, 30min by bus, depending on timing. We recommend bike.
Location will be revealed the day before the event. Exciting, no?

How long?

Zombie School starts at 11:00.
The Game is open from 14:00 – 18:00 – end of civic twilight.
As a Zombie, you can play as long as your limbs and voice hold up. Tea, cuddles and warmth provided.
As a Survivor, you play as long as you stay alive. Its an action packed 45min to finish the game if you’re very very good. More like 60min on average. But you might be turned into a Zombie…
Stick around for the Silent Disco party, 15:00-21:00. Here you can trade stories of adventures, drink some antidote, beer or Zombie Cocktail, enjoy the stunning view and do your best Thriller.

What happens? (Survivor)

After registering, a ZDA Agent will contact you via SMS to confirm you participation and time, whilst guiding you into the ZDA world. Upon arrival, you’ll be trained in the rules of the game. Dress ups encouraged but not needed. The mission is “simple”. Fetch the antidote, don’t be killed…

What happens? (Zombie)

After registering, a ZDA Agent will contact you to confirm your participation. Basically this is a back stage pass to The Game. 11:00am at the venue, you’ll be trained in the rules of the game. How to be a fearsome Zombie. Dress ups encouraged. We’ll provide lunch as a thank you for raising deadly on a saturday morning. You’ll be thanking us by the end of the day…